Cuba does not have internet cafes on every street corner, very few people have internet access in their homes and WIFI is difficult to find.  When you do find it, you will have to pay for it and it will be slow.  Here are a few of the hotels that offer WIFI in Havana and Trinidad:


  • Melia Cohiba – Vedado
  • NH Parque Central – Havana Vieja
  • Hotel Saratoga – Havana Vieja
  • Hotel Sevilla – Havana Vieja
  • Hotel National – Vedado


  • Grand Hotel

This is your chance to immerse yourself completely into another world, forget about technology for a short while, hell you might even enjoy being unobtainable!  Forget about updating facebook or going online every day while you are in Cuba, it is expensive and quite slow.  ETECSA sell internet cards which last 1 hour.  These cards come with a unique login and pin number and can be used several times until the balance has finished.  Hence you do not have to use the balance in one day, you can use 10 minutes one day, come back another day and use 20 minutes etc until you have used up an hour.  The internet cards bought at an ETECSA office can be used in any ETECSA office across the country.

Some of the bigger hotels also sell ETECSA internet cards; they are of the same value and look exactly the same as those sold at the ETECSA offices.  Whilst, they are genuine internet cards, they can ONLY be used at the hotel in which you purchase the internet card.  These cards do not work at the ETECSA office or another hotel with internet access.  It just does not work this way.  Even if you ask the hotel staff if the internet card can be used elsewhere, they will probably tell you that it is possible, they do not know whether the card works elsewhere or not.  So, if you buy a card at the Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, you can not go to the Hotel Parque Central to use the internet card, or the ETECSA office in either Havana or Trinidad, so make sure you use your card up before you leave Havana.

WIFI in Cuba

There are now WIFI hotspots across Cuba.  WIFI is not free you will need to buy a NAUTA internet card from ETECSA to access WIFI with your electronic device.

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