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Casa Name: Various

Address: Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

Our Casas: We mostly work with a network of Casas in the Vedado area of Havana, Cuba. We have not included individual Casa profiles. If you want to book one of our Casas in the Vedado area, please provide us with your dates in Havana, Cuba and we will see which casa particular is available for your dates and provide you with photos and information of that particular casa.

Most of the Casas in Havana tend to be apartments located on the 2nd or 3rd floor, with no access to a lift.  Some Casas have pets, so please let me know if you have any difficulty in climbing steps or whether you have any allergies i.e. pet allergies etc.

The hosts: Our hosts are very friendly and have been carefully picked out by our Co-ordinator in Havana.

Vedado, Havana: This is an open and safe part of Havana.  Vedado is an up and coming area, with lots of bars and restaurants and has a very good atmosphere and cultural scene. It is a 45-minute walk from Vedado to Havana Vieja, walking along the Malécon, down Prado and into Havana Vieja. However, it is possible to get to Havana Vieja quite easily by private taxi, almendron (old American shared taxis) or by hopping onto the tourist bus.

Our rooms: We offer rooms for 1 person, 2 people or 3 people with private bathroom facilities.



Room Type

Single Room
Double Room
Triple Room


  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot Water
  • Towels
  • Fan


  • WIFI Hotspot
  • Malécon
  • Calle L, Vedado
  • Coppelia
  • Vedado


Low Season Please request prices
High Season Please request prices
Breakfast $3-5



Stephen Verhaeghe
December 24, 2019

Casa Sanjor in Havana #5 (out of 5)

Cleanliness #5

Comfort #5

Location #5

Facilities #5

Friendliness #5

What did you like?
We liked the patio area and the breakfasts. We had a big room and I really liked looking out the window toward the big gothic building downtown. The bathroom was spotless and had a fridge with bottled water that were available to purchase. Our beds were comfortable. The whole place was clean. We both loved the hosts and their helpers (Lesbia made breakfast and the retired doctor drove us to the bus terminal). We especially loved King, the Pekinese dog! We also appreciated the lock system and security. There are keys to your closet, your room, the entire unit, the building and the gate. We also liked that they made our beds and cleaned the bathroom daily, but left all of our stuff alone.

What didn’t you like?
There was local flooding from crashing waves and the neighbourhood had its power cut for safety. This was an unusual event (climate change!). We didn't have a way to reach the hosts when we arrived, rain-soaked and carrying all of our gear. We stood at the door and just had to shout a couple times. I suppose there could be some sort of Plan B for power outages, but it was just a hiccup. Other than that, we have no complaints.

Pauline McKay
January 7, 2018

Casa Berta in Havana #4.6 (out of 5)

Cleanliness #5

Comfort #3+ - but only because I am a pillow snob. Otherwise it was lovely

Location #5

Facilities #5

Friendliness #5

What did you like?
Bertha was a perfect mix of friendly and allowing for privacy. The location was great and she was able to recommend a good restaurant

What didn’t you like?
Having to carry my bags up 3 flights of stairs and 3 days with no hot water. Neither a deal breaker though

ETRC response
Casa Berta usually has hot water, however when things go wrong it Cuba it can take time to find the parts to fix issues.

Margie Wong
December 31, 2017

Casa Onelsys in Havana #4.8 (out of 5)

Cleanliness #5

Comfort #4 - the neighbourhood was sometimes a bit noisy at night or in the early morning. I woke up in the midnight in the first few nights. It might due to jet lag, or music during festivals (X'mas)

Location #5 - just a few blocks away from FOCSA. The parque in front of the casa allows for WIFI connection. It is very convenient for us. The speed of connection is the fastest among all the parks we went to in Havana, Trinidad, Santiago.

Facilities #5

Friendliness #5, Reinier was my angel in Havana. He is always flexible in accommodating our request, very genuine and generous in helping us to adapt in Cuba.

What did you like? Everything, Reinier and his family, and Nana (the maid). They speak good English.

What didn’t you like? Nothing

November 20, 2017

Casa Jorge in Havana #3 (out of 5)
Cleanliness #3
Comfort #3
Location #2
Facilities #3
Friendliness# 3

What did you like?
Nice breakfast

What didn’t you like?
They were not accommodating about ordering a taxi for us during the stay to get into town. We were told to go to the Presidential hotel which was nearby but Since there were 5 of us regular taxi service would not take us.

ETRC Response
Transport options in Cuba can be limited, therefore it can be quite difficult to get a taxi to accommodate 5 people in Cuba at short notice. The Casa recommended going to the Presidential hotel because it is close by to the Casa and there are usually taxis waiting outside of the hotel. Jorge could not find you a taxi so he thought the next best thing would be to recommend this option hoping you would have more luck getting 1 or 2 taxis to take you in to town.


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