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“The musicians affiliated to Havana Music school are top class.”

“Thanks for arranging my daughter Ella’s lesson at Havana Music School. We had a great experience! They set us up with an amazing and talented teacher…he did such an excellent job with Ella. In two hours he packed in so much and kept it going at her fast learning pace.”

Our most recent collaboration is with a private music school in Havana with excellent facilities. They work with experienced and excellent teachers from the ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte = National School of Arts) and from ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte = Institute of Arts).

The classes can focus on one or various instruments:

  • Tumbadoras (congos)
  • Bongos
  • Timbales
  • All the smaller Cuban percussion instruments (maracas, clave, guiro, chequere)
  • Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Singing lessons (also available)

Alternatively, the lesson can focus on Cuban musical rhythms for example, in the bolero they tend to use the bongos, for timba they tend to use the timbales etc….

If you’d like to find out more about the music lessons on offer, please get in touch.

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