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“My mornings with the pottery workshop were tailored to my interests and were exactly what I was looking for –the opportunity to talk with Cuban potters and see how they produce their wares.”

Trinidad is famous for its ceramic works. There are many workshops which produce high quality ceramic pieces that are sold all over Cuba.

Lessons take place at a workshop managed by one of the most renowned and talented families in Trinidad. The family have maintained a tradition of pottery over many years and have passed down their secrets from one generation to another, working with clay on the wheel.

Their history dates back to 1892 where the first member of the family was taught the art of ceramics by a Spanish immigrant. He started out by building a rustic workshop and as the family has grown so have the number of workshops, there are now around 5 workshops within the family.

Over the last 60 years they have received many awards at Havana’s Feria Internacional de Arte (FIART). This is the most important event in Cuba for Artists. In 2007, the family also received a special prize from UNESCO, the master craftsman, in recognition of a family tradition.

They have given courses in ceramics both in Cuba and abroad and they also have developed workshops aimed at local school children.

If you have an interest in taking part in a pottery workshop, learning about the basics of ceramics and how to create your own pieces, we can help organise a ceramics course for you at one of the local workshops. Please get in touch for more details.

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