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Salsa & Cuban Dance Lessons


Dancing was the highlight of our day! We had decided 1 hour wasn’t going to be enough before we even started and that was a great decision! – two hours a day for 2 and a half weeks and we were excited about every lesson. One to one dance lessons are something pretty special and Yailie and Yodani were great fun and brilliant dance teachers. ”

What better place to learn salsa than Cuba. There is music and dancing every night in Cuba so not only can you learn salsa but you get the chance to practice almost immediately. In fact your salsa teacher will insist you go out every night as part of your homework!

Experience the Real Cuba works with professional instructors in:

  • Trinidad
  • Havana
  • Santiago de Cuba

and welcomes:

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advanced dancers

Dance lessons take place with experienced dancers teaching you in a friendly and relaxed environment.